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What are Some Creative Ways to Eat Falafel?

While there are many other things made with chickpeas that are absolutely delicious, falafel has a special place in our hearts. Falafel is traditionally made with chickpeas that are soaked, dried, and ground. There is the seasoning of ingredients like pepper, cumin, salt, parsley, and garlic. This mixture of ground chickpeas with flavoured seasoning is then shaped as preferred and deep-fried.

Conventionally, falafel in Piscataway is eaten with pita bread. And the final toppings of hummus go into the bite to make it more flavorful and delicious. But we must tell you that traditions can be broken, and you can eat falafel in several other ways to enjoy it even more. You can change the beans that go into your falafel and try baking instead of frying them. Also, pita bread and hummus can be replaced with buns and sauces. Let’s have a look at the different possible ways to eat falafel.

Falafel burger 

We cannot deny the fact that falafel is actually made to be eaten with pita bread; it can taste great with burgers as well. To create a true explosion of flavours, you can add avocado sauce to your falafel burgers. When the crunchy bites of falafel are combined with heavenly creamy avocado and freshly chopped spinach, it tastes wonderful. While a falafel burger is made to stand out from the conventional crowd, it actually tastes like something out of the world.

Falafel tacos 

While we already know that falafel with pita is a good combination, it sounds sane enough to try wrapping them in tortillas. You can try having falafel tacos with your favourite kind of shell. The fusion literally turns out delicious, not to mention that your favourite sauces and dips can make it even more delicious.

Falafel waffles 

You cannot resist trying amazing falafel waffles. These lip-smacking waffles have a crunchy exterior and soft interior which makes them delectable. Falafel waffles can turn out to be a great alternative for those who cannot eat deep-fried falafels. This healthier option can be eaten at any time of the day, and you can top them with hummus and other tasty garnishings.

Falafel with pistachios 

This version of falafel is going to taste absolutely good; moreover, they are easier to prepare as well. Adding the nuts of pistachios can make the dish even crunchier while also giving it a deliciously creamy and nutty flavour. The warmth of pistachio falafel is going to be absolutely irresistible.

Sweet potato falafels 

Baked falafels made with sweet potato have lower levels of fat and natural sweetness. You can serve it with avocado dipping sauce, and there would be a sudden outburst of flavours. The flavours of cumin, turmeric, and garlic are added to the falafels. When you are searching for a light yet filling supper, sweet potato falafels can turn out to be great.

While traditional falafels are nothing less than delicious, it is going to be a great experience to experiment with new flavours as well. Serve them with your favourite sauces and dips for a mind-blowing delicacy.

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