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Traditional Turkish Dishes You Must Try

Turkish food is a delicious fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. Turkish cuisine is becoming more and more well-known worldwide as it uses a lot of herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients. You can find Turkish food in Piscataway and try some of the most amazing traditional Turkish dishes. The following are some of the most famous traditional dishes that you must try:


A core part of Turkish cooking is kebabs. Kebabs can be found everywhere in Turkey, whether it be in restaurants or street vendors. Kebabs are available in a wide variety. For instance, you can find minced meat-based Adana kebabs and marinated meat-based shish kebabs as well. Typically, kebabs are eaten with bread, salad, and rice as well.


A delicious pastry called baklava is prepared from layers of filo dough, honey, and chopped nuts like walnuts or pistachios. Baklava is a well-liked Turkish dessert all around the world, and it is commonly presented with Turkish coffee.


The traditional fillings for the savory pastry known as borek include cheese, spinach, or ground beef.  It is a well-liked delicacy in Turkey and is sold at bakeries and local restaurants.

Turkish Pide

A flatbread that is frequently loaded with veggies, meat, and cheese is known as Turkish Pide. The fusion of Turkish spices gives it a distinctive flavor despite being similar to pizza in appearance.


Meze is a group of little meals that are typically served as a snack or appetizer. Meze frequently come with bread and are served with different types of salads, dips, and shellfish.


Topped with veggies, minced meat, and herbs, Lahmacun is a thin, crispy meal resembling pizza. It is a well-liked street snack in Turkey that is generally served with a dab of lemon on it.


A sort of dumpling, manti is usually served with a garlic yogurt sauce with a drizzle of chile oil on it. Manti is usually stuffed with spices mixed in minced meat.  In Turkey, it is a well-liked comfort food that is frequently offered at festivals and special occasions.

Doner Kebab

This is a type of sandwich made with roasted meat of chicken or lamb usually. It is served in a bread wrap. It is a well-liked fast dish that is frequently consumed on the go in Turkey.

Turkish Delight 

Typically flavored with citrus or rosewater, Turkish delight can be identified as sweet candies that are gummy. This is another popular Turkish dessert that is commonly served with Turkish coffee.

Sis Tavuk

Generally served with toast, salad, and rice, Sis Tavuk is roasted over charcoal and is a type of marinated chicken skewer. This is a well-liked Turkish dish and is frequently offered at eateries and food carts.

Any food enthusiast must try Turkish meals that highlight the unique flavors and ingredients of authentic Turkish cuisine. No matter what kind of food lover you are, there is something for you to try in Turkish cuisine for sure.

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